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10 great tools and Apps to work more efficiently or get things done

Blog post | Leadership styles 10 great tools and Apps to work more efficiently or get things done

Applications for smartphones, laptops and PC’s can help you to implement the Method Getting Things Done or simply start working in a more efficient manner. Mastermind created an overview of some free or paid Apps to use. Have a look and take your pick!

#1 ThinkingRock (Windows/Mac/Linux)

The free (Open Source) application ThinkingRock is one of the few desktop applications supporting more than just one platform. This application was developed specifically based on the GTD method. Users confirm the excellent options when implementing GTD.

It takes some time to get the hang of using the application, but if you want to work in a more efficient way using Getting Things Done, you will see the first results quickly.

#2 OmniFocus (Mac, iPhone, iPad)

Just like ThinkingRock OmniFocus was developed to actually implemnent GTD. This application is useful for the Mac and can be linked to iCal and OmniFocus can also be used on the iPhone and iPad.

#3 Action Complete (Android)

Action Complete is free and user friendly. It is based on GTD and offers practical tools to categorize tasks and projects. Action Complete works on smartphones / Android, and can work as a web-based solution.

#4 CleanDesk (iPhone)

CleanDesk was developed by people wanting to use GTD. There is a clear interface and not a lot to get distracted by. CleanDesk offers a backup facility. This application is available in English and in Dutch.

#5 Remember The Milk (Web-based)

RememberTheMilk is a popular tool that can be used anywhere and anytime, as long as you have a connection to the internet. Its’ management options are pretty good and are still being improved on an ongoing basis. RTM can be integrated with Gmail, iGoogle en Google Calendar. RTM offers a free basic account, whilst you can upgrade to a paid Pro Account.

#6 Microsoft Outlook (Windows)

Outlook user looking for handy GTD applications, can also choose to use Add-ons such as Jello.Dashboard, GTD Outlook Add-In and Outlook and OneNote.

#7 iGTD (Mac)

With iGTD you can add tasks and actions in an easy way. Its interface is user friendly and it offers functionality just as you expect it.

#8 Things (Mac, iPhone and iPad)

This tool was not developed specifically for GTD, but Things is a user friendly application with useful functions such as agenda, to do list, deadlines, notes, projects, contacts and more. Its interface looks good and you can use a free or a paid version.

#9 Midnight Inbox (Mac, iPhone and iPad)

Midnight Inbox offers a really good and pretty interface. It offers for sure one of the best user-interfaces. This application is so easy to use that you don’t even have to know what GTD is to work more efficiently. The Classic one is free and can be used on a Mac as well. The latest version for the iPad costs $9.99.

#10 Astrid (Android)

Astrid is a free task manager for Android devices and was developed by a Google team. You can simply add or delete tasks, as well as add a timer and put in deadlines. Users do not rate some of its functionality, but they do rate the way Astrid helps and encourages them to stick to deadlines.

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