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Want the best ideas, solutions or decisions in a team?

Blog post | Team management Want the best ideas, solutions or decisions in a team?

Separate the thinkers, the doers and the feelers!

Everyone knows them: brainstorming sessions, pressurecooker meetings or the periodic team meetings. All aimed at finding the best solutions with the team, the ideal strategy or the right decisions. And despite an enthusiastic beginning, they often end with a compromise or a need-for-further-action proposal that nobody really is enthusiastic about.

The cause: we are forced to work with others who think differently, which slows us down, makes us feel misunderstood or unappreciated and eventually discarded. We then no longer having the willingness to put any more energy into it and take a a compromise for granted.

The solution: Create groups of equal minded people and have them look for the best solutions, strategies or decisions and then integrate the outcomes afterwards.

A practical study

We organized a number of meetings, where we always presented the same complexe problem to team members with a very limited time to resolve. In a number of meetings, we divided the team members into groups based on the same thinking style (see table). In the other meetings we made groups of team members with a different thinking style. The thinking styles have been identified with a DISCOVER Talent Analysis, which measures someones talents and dominant thinking style (talents-archetype, mastertalent).

Tabel [EN]

Table: Example of a group layout based on equal thinking styles

And what turned out? After inventing all possible solutions, it was found that in unilaterally assembled groups there were many more and much deeper solutions to the problem than in the diverse composite groups. Also, the solutions of the different (unilateral) groups could often be perfectly integrated into an all-inclusive solution, while the solutions of the diverse composite groups were much more contradictory and less elaborate.

Furthermore, the team members in the unilaterally assembled groups gave their consultation as pleasant and smooth as the diverse composite groups qualified much more difficult. They felt bothered in the elaboration of their own ideas and often disagree with the outcomes.


If you want to get better ideas, choices and decisions faster in your team, let the people with the same thinking style (Mastertalent) sit together to solve the problems and then integrate the outcomes of the different thinking styles into an all-encompassing solution.

Do you also want the best ideas, solutions or decisions in your team?

Request an analysis of your team. Discover what the dominant thinking styles are in your team and how you can use that insight to organize brainstorming sessions, pressure cooker meetings or team meetings with more results.

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