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Annegien Zanen
By Annegien Zanen
7 years ago | comments

As Project Manager

Consulting As Project Manager

Annegien studied Business Administration and after a management traineeship in an international bank she started her carreer at Mastermind.

With her insight and knowledge in the financial services she is now a driving force in change management programs. As program manager and advisor she knows how to move people with her no-nonsense mentality and coaching style. With her knowledge, sharp look and analytical skills she enables the management of our clients to find the right way. Next to her work, she is mother of Sebas, loves wining and dining and above all, she is founder of “Present for Future”  foundation, that supports underprivileged children in Kenya and fund the building of a vocational training school. Are you interested in her story, or even more in a job as consultant at Mastermind? And do you speak Dutch? Mail Annegien:

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Annegien Zanen

Annegien Zanen

Business Consultant

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