What we offer


What we do for our consultants?

  • Security and entrepreneurship. Each consultant is security provided in the form of a fixed monthly salary, a company car, pension, health insurance scheme, occupational disability insurance. Consultants and receive variable remuneration based on personal sales and other contributions to the organization.
  • Participation in the property. For consultants and management developed a shareholding plan.
  • Coaching leadership and talent development. Each consultant within Mastermind Consulting is responsible to provide both in content and pace. His career form itself Each consultant has a people manager who is responsible for coaching, sparring and guidance of the consultant on content but also career-related issues. The success of a manager within Mastermind depends largely on his skills to help accelerate their development other people.
  • Challenging assignments. Consultants are given the opportunity to participate in high-quality jobs with great interest to our clients. Part These commands are characterized by a combination of substantive depth, complex political context, time constraints and need for strong problem solving. Entrepreneurship and creativity in market development is encouraged and rewarded.
  • Interesting and experienced colleagues. Consultants work with colleagues that they can flip and go up. Consultants, in turn stimulate the development of others.
  • Professional training. Consultants have the opportunity to participate in a well organized and high quality training program.
  • A bright and challenging career. Consultants completed a career path to management consultant, program manager or specialist knowledge.

Why do you want to work with us?

  • Your own way within good frameworks. You are you, with your own ambitions and talents. Together with us and our experience that you will develop the fastest.
  • Business within an enterprise. With us you run your own management consulting firm, initially consisting of yourself later several possible immediate colleagues. Here you deploy your own vision and expertise in consultancy.
  • Working with nice people. We stand by the results for our clients, this is often hard and demanding work. The easy personal dealings with consultants and managers, humor and perspective make it pleasant to form in this reality. A good team with your colleagues
  • We do not. Forget the home front Working at Mastermind is demanding. The balance between work and private is very important to us. Home is home, but is also involved in the fortunes of Mastermind.
  • Your success is our success. If you are successful then Mastermind that, thus it has a direct interest in your success and is the central issue of management and employees how to maximize you success.

Do you have a question, issue or an ambition? Then get in contact with us:

  • Email info.uk [at] mastermind [dot] eu
  • Phone +44 203 287 8381

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