The DISCOVER Toolkit

DISCOVER is a complete toolkit for the leaders. the change agents and professionals who want to find new ways of connecting people and empowering teams to be courageous and focused when building tomorrow’s dynamic workplace.

The DISCOVER Toolkit

Via the DISCOVER Community, all DISCOVER certified professionals will always have free access to all sections within the DISCOVER toolkit. What if your organisation has specific requirements and needs? Then we can even customise a DISCOVER toolkit for your use within your organisation.

DISCOVER Language books

Three DISCOVER Language books from the toolkit introduce you to a structured language for working with:

  • The behaviour of people;
  • The motivators of people;
  • The talents of people.

DISCOVER Application books

Three DISCOVER Application books from the toolkit contain practical ready-made tools and templates, based on the DISCOVER language, that you can apply in:

  • Personal coaching and development;
  • Team building and team coaching;
  • Recruitment and on-boarding.

The 21+ ready-made ideas in these application books are designed to improve the learning and performance of individuals, teams and organisations.

The DISCOVER toolkit is complemented with 3 online tests and assessments, quick reference sheets, coaching sheets, team canvases and an iPad game.

Ryan Lim

Ryan Lim


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Working with DISCOVER as a professional?

Working with DISCOVER as a professional? Then request the free DISCOVER Certification box. The box contains all the information you need for a full orientation. You will receive an overview of the DISCOVER language, costs of certification and training dates.

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