AnyLife toolkit

AnyLife is a complete toolkit for leaders, managers and professionals who want to adapt to demographic changes with the aim to always have the right people, at the right place, at the right costs.

English AnyLife toolkit

Your employees are not only your biggest asset, but also your biggest cost. The AnyLife toolkit for dynamic workforce planning ensures an optimal planning of your workforce, by having:

  • Always the right people;
  • At the right place;
  • At the right costs.

Demographic challenges such as a greying population, an extended work life and a shrinking workforce will have a huge impact on your organisation.

With the Anylife demographic scan you get:

  • Insight into the demographic costs & risks for your organisation;
  • An overview of practical solutions and measures that you can take;
  • A grip on your costs and risks.

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Pension providers in the Netherlands

Pension providers in the Netherlands What contribution can another pension provider make to a better retirement plan? A better scheme for you as an employer and a better pension for your employees. With the introduction of new embodiments as the PPI and the API you as an employer have more options and more room for negotiation. Often with the end result being lower cost and greater flexibility in your plan. In the eBook "Pension providers in The Netherlands" you’ll find the pros and cons of domestic and cross border pension providers in The Netherlands.

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