Would you like to translate your goals to concrete, implementable actions? Mastermind can help. We help you define your strategy and join you in the responsibility to actually implement this strategy.

Our approach

In our advisory trajectories we reason from the outside (you client) in (your organisation). Although every advice is custom, we often use the Mastermind Strategy Implementation Model for strategic change cases.
We start with defining your vision. Out of this vision we extract a pack of requirements, which is the starting point and anchor for the blueprint of your organisation: the target situation.
When we compare the target situation to the current situation we can define the migration strategy. This is the start of the actual execution of a strategic change programme.

Why Mastermind is different

We are not typical “textbook” change managers who only deliver an advisory report. We make sure our advice can actually be executed and we create them with great attention to reality, achievability, and feasibility. Next to that, our programme, project and implementation managers can also implement the advice plan for you.

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