Interim Management

Looking for someone who can fill a position for you on a temporary basis? At Mastermind we have experienced interim managers that can help you with temporarily filling a (senior) line management position.

Our approach

First we investigateĀ the what and why of your request. After that we determine together with you what your focus points are and what results are required. This leads to a plan of approach with clear actions. Our people take responsibility and operate independently, which allows them to show concrete results in a short period of time.

Why Mastermind is different

Mastermind employs interim managers with a lot of experience within the financial services industry. Our people are able to quickly scan the situation, determine the required actions and act on this. We show concrete results within a short period of time. We operate independently, take responsibility and make sure you have less worries.

Temporary management offers you flexibility. Because our interim managers work on different assignments at different organisations, they have a broad perspective and can provide your company with new insights. Next to that, they will implement the necessary change where this did not happen in the past. Masterminders go on where others stop. We get quick results and actually implement the desired solutions.

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