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Dutch Pensions Federation calls for ‘random’ admin checks

Publicity | Management test Dutch Pensions Federation calls for ‘random’ admin checks

This article on the site of desribes that the Dutch Pensioen Federatie (Pension Federation) advises the Dutch pension funds to conduct random checks into the quality of their administration to better establish risks and the possible need for improvements.

In this article, Koos Haakma, partner of Mastermind Consulting, is quoted about the difficulties the pension funds face.

Mastermind supports the advice of the Pension Federation. Improving the quality of the administration is one of the most important challenges the Dutch pension industry faces. In the end this will help pension funds reduce the cost of the pension administration. Mastermind has a lot of experience implementing complex recovery plans following the Quinto-P investigation of DNB (Dutch Federal Bank). You can read more about it in this case study.

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