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Advanced DISCOVER Team trainer certification

Training event | Team building Advanced DISCOVER Team trainer certification

Learn how to quickly get insights into the strengths and pitfalls of your team with our advanced team analyses using DISCOVER Tableau. Then you can work out smarter team interventions for your teams. If you want to do that, while also working with and learning from other DISCOVER Professionals from their own team cases, then join us for this DISCOVER Team trainer specialisation training.

DISCOVER Team trainer specialisation training

DISCOVER Specialisation trainings are designed for DISCOVER Professionals who want to get the most of the people, teams and organisations they are working with using DISCOVER. In each specialisation training, we will focus on a specific theme/topic where you will learn new knowledge and experience first-hand the new applications using DISCOVER.

In this DISCOVER Team trainer specialisation training, you will learn:

  • How to use DISCOVER Tableau to analyse a team within your own practice;
  • How to use insight from the team's DISCOVER Potential scores to come up with smarter team interventions and apply them to develop your team to be a top team;
  • How to organise a DISCOVER Team session.

After successful completion of this training, you will be awarded the DISCOVER Team trainer certificate. This will certify you to use and access team analyses using DISCOVER Tableau Reader.

Conditions and fee

The following conditions will apply to participate in this training:

  • You are certified on DISCOVER Behaviour, Motivators and Talents;
  • You have some prior experience with training and/or coaching of teams;
  • You are interested to enrich your trainings with advanced team analyses using DISCOVER Tableau;
  • You have, preferably, a team from your own practice where you can work with during the interval between the first and second training days. If you do not have a team (yet), you will either be paired with another DISCOVER Professional or you will receive a case from Mastermind to work with.

The participation fee is € 995,-, which includes lunches and training materials. Also included is a DISCOVER Tableau team package, valued at € 495,- for a team analysis of a team for your own use (during or after this training). In order to use this team package, all team members would have already completed their DISCOVER Potential assessments or are planned to do so (assessments not included in this training fee.)

DISCOVER Team trainer specialisation training

The specialisation training to be a DISCOVER Team trainer consists of two training days. There is an interval of 2-4 weeks in between for you to work on and apply the knowledge and tools with a team of your choice.

The upcoming training (in Dutch) will take place on the following dates and location:

  • Day 1: Wednesday, 31 October 2018 in Hoogeveen, The Netherlands
  • Da2 2: To be decided together with all participants

DISCOVER Team trainer specialisation training programme

You find below an overview of the training programme for both days.

Start time on both days: 09:00 hours

Additional DISCOVER knowledge

  • When to deliver a training infused with "fun" or with "learning"?
  • What's the difference between team training & team coaching?
  • The significance of the team's context

Advanced team analysis using DISCOVER Tableau

  • What are the team characteristics (based on behaviour, motivators & talents)
  • How are individuals positioned within the team?
  • What are the ideal conditions to attain optimum team performance?

Leveraging your team's potential

  • What is the context of the team?
  • What is expected from the team? 
  • Do we have the right mix of people on board?
  • What are possible team interventions?

How to organise a DISCOVER Team session?

  • Assessing the team's context and objectives
  • How and when to use DISCOVER Behaviour, motivators or talents?
  • What are the training programme, set-up and logistics of a team session?
  • Impact and compliance with the new privacy regulations (GDPR)

End time on both days: 17:00 hours

DISCOVER Team trainer specialisation training

For international participants, you can organise this training as an in-company training. For more information, please contact Ryan Lim.

For Dutch participants, you can register via email for this training. Open-trainings will be organised with a minimum of 6 confirmed participants in order to have sufficient exchange of knowledge and skills.

Date Location Price Places  
2019-03-13 Venue: Expertisecentrum Plato (Dutch course)
City: Hoogeveen
Country: The Netherlands
€ 995.00 (excl. VAT) 12 More info

DISCOVER Team trainer specialisation training

The trainers for this training will be Marco Robben and 1 other DISCOVER Expert from Mastermind.

DISCOVER Team trainer specialisation training

If you like to know more, please contact Mastermind.

Ryan Lim

Ryan Lim


Want to know more? Get in touch with Ryan Lim:

  • Email ryan.lim [at] mastermind [dot] eu
  • Phone +31654724993


  • With successful completion, you are awarded the DISCOVER Practitioner certificate
  • You will work with other DISCOVER Professionals


  • Free DISCOVER Tableau for your own team valued at € 495
  • Free DISCOVER Tableau Reader application
  • Make your own print files of team overviews
  • Action learning


  • Team training & team coaching
  • How to organise team sessions

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