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DISCOVER Switchover training for DISC & Motivators

Training event | DISC test and assessment DISCOVER Switchover training for DISC & Motivators

Do you already work with behaviour & motivators? Contact us to see if you qualify for a free, shortened update for DISCOVER Behaviour and DISCOVER Motivators. Once completed you can start working with our DISCOVER Assessments of Behaviour and Motivators and you will be a DISCOVER Certified trainer, coach or consultant.

DISCOVER update training: Behaviour and Motivators

As an accredited DISCOVER trainer, coach or consultant, you will be authorised to purchase our DISCOVER Assessments of  behaviors and motivators and use them directly in your training, coaching or consulting role or practice. During the DISCOVER Accreditation I training you will learn how to work with the assessments of behaviour and motivators and will you refresh your understanding of the related languages on:

  • The behaviour of people; and
  • The motivators of people.

With the DISCOVER Assessments of behaviors and motivators you can:

  • Train and coach individuals after they become more aware of their natural and adapted behavioural styles
  • Give individuals insights on how they can better communicate with others
  • Coach individuals on making the right career choices
  • Recruit the right individuals for specific jobs

In a team setting, if all team members complete their DISCOVER Assessments, you can also:

  • Improve the working dynamics of a team
  • Build teams consisting of individuals with complementary behaviours and motivators
  • Develop individuals to take on their roles within the team

The DISCOVER update training consists of:

  • 2 hour refresher of theory behind DISCOVER Behaviour and DISCOVER Motivators;
  • 1 hours of practical session, focused on working with the DISCOVER Team canvases.
  • Closing

2 Weeks prior to the DISCOVER update training:

  • You will receive a link to complete your own DISCOVER Assessment of behaviour and motivators;
  • You will receive an eBook "DISCOVER The behaviour of people";
  • You will receive an eBook "DISCOVER The motivators of people".

After the DISCOVER update training:

  • You will be listed as DISCOVER Certified trainer, coach or consultant on our DISCOVER Community;
  • You will receive FREE access to our DISCOVER Community.

Free DISCOVER Training kit

During the training you will receive:

  • Your personal DISCOVER Assessment of behaviors and motivators);
  • DISCOVER trainer binder and reference materials;
  • DISCOVER The behaviour of people eBook;
  • DISCOVER The motivators of people eBook;
  • DISCOVER Team canvases

DISCOVER update training programme overview

Programme (13.00 hours till 16.00 hours)

  • DISCOVER Behaviour: 4 DISC styles
  • DISCOVER Motivators: 7 motivators
  • DISCOVER Team canvases
  • Closing

Contact Ryan Lim for one of our upcoming DISCOVER Switchover training events or to organise an in-house training programme for you and your team.

DISCOVER update trainers

Your trainers are:

  • Ryan Lim
  • Silvan Becker

Any questions about the DISCOVER Switchover training? Please contact Ryan Lim.

Ryan Lim

Ryan Lim


Want to know more? Get in touch with Ryan Lim:

  • Email ryan.lim [at] mastermind [dot] eu
  • Phone +31654724993


  • You will become an authorised DISCOVER trainer, coach or consultant
  • Free access to our DISCOVER Community


  • Action-based learning
  • Free DISCOVER Training kit
  • Free DISCOVER Marketing kit


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  • Business training and coaching

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